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Carnarvon Night Safari

Owls and gliders are silhouetted against star trails in a composite image of the Carnarvon Night Safari Tour.

You've gotta be in it, to win it...

Over 80% of Australia's mammals are nocturnal, so if you want to see them you need to get out and about after dark - and we're here to help.

A curious squirrel glider with an impossiby bushy tail stares from a branch.


The Gorge is home to 5 species of marsupial glider. Michelle and Simon's trained eyes and ears will give you a fantastic chance of seeing them. And with a bit of stealth, patience, and luck you might see one do its thing and glide from tree to tree.

Red lights help guests observe natural animal behaviours on the Carnarvon Night Safari Tour.

All the gear...

A few pieces of equipment help us find the animals, and there's one piece of equipment that will help you see them up close - binoculars! If you have a pair, make sure you pack them. If not, we will supply them.

Search for the Gorge's nocturnal beasties.

Exclusive to Australian Nature Guides.


Join a local wildlife expert to encounter wildlife you might not otherwise see, including marsupial gliders, echidna, platypus, owls, bats, and frogs. 
Using sight, sounds and smells, we'll hunt through the forest along easy, mostly flat trails to see what animal surprises the evening delivers. 

It's a great way to see a side of Carnarvon Gorge that most visitors do not get to experience.


Note 1: All tours require a minimum of two participants to run. If you are a solo traveller and wish to book a single ticket, please be aware that the tour won't run if minimum numbers are not met. In the event of such a cancellation, Australian Nature Guides will offer your choice of a refund or alternate date. 

Note 2: It is important to understand that group noise influences the amount of wildlife encountered, as we rely heavily on our hearing to track nocturnal animals. We reserve the right to exclude any participant/s who are unable to remain quiet when directed by their guide. Parents should be particularly mindful of this when booking young children onto this tour



Available: April - October. 

Duration: 1.5 hours.

Distance: Approximately 1 kilometre, over fairly easy terrain. May involve one creek crossing.

Price: $40 per adult, $30 for children (5-12).

Group size: Min 2 - Max 12 (Private Night Safari Tours for up to 14 people are possible, on request.)

BYO:  Binoculars if you have your own, a small torch and weather appropriate clothing.

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