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School Group Activities


Introduction to Carnarvon Gorge

Give your students a broad introduction to the Gorge covering the natural history of the landscape, the human history of the Gorge and contemporary issues such as fires, floods, and visitor impacts.


Making Sense of the Milky Way

Carnarvon's dark skies, far from major sources of light pollution mean we get fabulous views of the Milky Way, our own galaxy. Using the naked eye, telescopes, and cameras, we take a tour of the galactic neighbourhood taking in planets, constellations, nearby star systems and the different cultural meanings thereof.


Archaeology and Anthropology of the Art Gallery

There are many perspectives from which to view the Art Gallery, and western science has a lot to say about the skill and creativity of Central Queensland rock art - stencil art in particular. Simon and Michelle will take students on an investigation of the rock art site to learn why this place is internationally significant.


Carnarvon Night Safari

Over 85% of Australia's mammals are mostly active at night. Why is this so? Searching for gliders and other nocturnal mammals gives students the perfect opportunity to understand why this pattern of behaviour is so common, and what it says about the evolution of Australian climates, ecosystems and the life within them.


The Big Picture from Boolimba Bluff

The Gorge's main lookout is the perfect place to investigate the cataclysmic geological events that have shaped the Gorge's landscape and the plants, animal, and people that have lived there through time. Take your students on an imaginative time-travelling expedition to see how influential geology is, both then and now.

Tailor-made education experiences.

Designed to suit each groups' needs.


Simon and Michelle are experienced educators, having guided thousands of students through the Gorge's unique landscapes. Michelle has qualifications in outdoor education and nature tourism, while Simon's qualifications are in ecology, biodiversity, and experiential education.


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