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Moss Garden - landscape

Carnarvon Gorge

Sites & Tracks

The Zone Approach

When planning your walks it can be helpful to slice the tracks system up into zones... each of which contains at least ten kilometres of walking.

The Gorge Mouth; includes Baloon Cave, Mickeys Creek and Warrumbah Gorge, the Rockpool, the Nature Trail and Boolimba Bluff. Around 10 km walking all up.

The Lower Gorge; includes the Art Gallery, Wards Canyon, the Amphitheatre and the Moss Garden. Around 14 km round trip. This is the core of the Carnarvon Gorge experience and should not be missed if it is within your capabilities. To maximise your experience, consider doing the Lower Gorge Explorer Tour with Australian Nature Guides.

The Upper Gorge; includes Big Bend, Boowinda Gorge and Cathedral Cave. Around 22 km round trip.

Carnarvon Gorge

Discovery Centre

Australian Nature Guides' has established the Gorge's first, and only, museum. Dedicated to all things Gorge-ous, Simon's hands-on approach comes to the fore yet again. Pop in and try your hand at some fascinating, interactive displays and activities.

Solar Observation

Meet the prodigal Sun.

If you'd like to get a taste of Australian Nature Guides' hands-on astronomy tours, pop into the Discovery Centre during the day and take advantage of our solar scope to look at the surface of the Sun in safety.

Geological Time-machine

Stories in the stones.

The rocks of Carnarvon Gorge tell a story spanning over two hundred million years. The Discovery Centre has a range of local rocks on display that can take you on a journey back through time. Come along and take a ride if you dare.

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