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After Carnarvon Gorge

Mount Moffatt: a dramatic contrast.

Just over the hill from Carnarvon Gorge (if you're a crow) sits the Mount Moffatt Section, the second most visited part of Carnarvon National Park after Carnarvon Gorge. Access to Mt Moffatt is via Injune or Mitchell and involves significant amounts of dirt road driving.

Much of this section of Carnarvon National Park is over 700m above sea level and can be pretty cold in the winter months - minus ten Celsius is not unheard of and visitors need to be prepared.

Markedly different to Carnarvon Gorge's ecosystems, Mt Moffatt consists mostly of open forest and woodlands interspersed between sandstone ranges, outcrops and pinnacles. The exception to this is Consuelo Tableland, whose rich basalt soils and high rainfall support some very tall timber, such as the silver-topped stringybark of the Mahogany Forest.

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