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  • How long should I stay in Carnarvon Gorge?
    Three full days (four nights) is recommended if you intend on visiting all the main sites at a comfortable pace. For more information, head to the 'plan' page.
  • What kind of accommodation is there at Carnarvon Gorge?
    There is a seasonal National Park Campground and three commercial accommodation centres at Carnarvon Gorge. Head to the 'plan' page for the full rundown.
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Planning a Visit?

Take advantage of some local knowledge

Carnarvon Night Safari Tour

A 'must do' wildlife encounter.

Lower Gorge Explorer

Enhance your walk with a local guide

About Carnarvon Gorge

The Natural History of the Gorge

Star Struck

Your camera, our telescopes, and the Milky Way

Off The Beaten Track

Explore Hidden Gems with an experienced Guide

The Expert's

Guide to
Carnarvon Gorge

Australian Nature Guides' co-founder is considered a local authority on Carnarvon Gorge. For the last decade, he has been the Guide of choice for the majority of the University Study Abroad programs that visit the Gorge. Don't miss out on his expertise - book now.


Simon's Family

The Gorge's Gliders

The Carnarvon Night Safari Tour is one of Australia's best wildlife tours as it reliably encounters one of the country's little known groups of animals; the gliders. Between March and September Carnarvon Night Safari Tours run whenever weather permits.

Star Struck

Exclusive Lookout
for Stargazers Opens

For some hands-on astronomy, bring your camera and your curiosity to Ling's Lookout at the Lodge. By the end of the evening, you'll be able point out major constellations, special features, and know how to capture stunning images of the Milky Way.


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